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As a dermatologist serving the community of Torrance, California, Dr. Simone McKitty is concerned about your skin health, and specifically about how sun damage affects it. With her sun damage treatment services, Dr. McKitty can help rejuvenate your skin and bring back the healthy glow years of tanning has taken from you, using state of the art treatment options.

Sun Damage Q & A

Does sun damage cause skin cancer?

Exposure to the sun is the leading cause of skin cancer. Tanning beds provide the same UV light as the sun, making them just as dangerous. It is the cumulative effect of UV light that triggers basal and squamous cell cancer.

How can you prevent further damage from the sun?

Even with the risks associated with exposure to the sun, it is still possible to enjoy the outdoors. You just need to take precautions. It starts with a trip to a dermatologist that offers sun damage treatment services. The doctor will evaluate your skin and provide guidelines for protecting it. Some tips for avoiding further damage include:

  • Apply sunscreen with an SPF factor of at least 30. It should also contain zinc oxide to protect your skin from UVA rays. Put the lotion on 20 minutes before going outside. Refresh it every 2 hours you are in the sun, as well.
  • Wear sunglasses with UV protection to keep the skin around your eyes safe. A hat will also protect your face and neck.
  • Try to stay in the shade when the sun is at its peak between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

What sun damage treatments are available?

Through sun damage treatments, the doctor will attempt to remove the damage cells while stimulating collagen production to give your skin a younger, healthier look.

  • Chemical peels – Over several treatments, chemical peels will eliminate the damaged areas and remove sun spots
  • Laser treatments – Give skin a healthy glow while tightening the pores

The doctor will prescribe specific skincare products, too. This may include things like moisturizers with sunscreen and topical antioxidants. 

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