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Simone McKitty, MD

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Certified dermatologist Dr. Simone McKitty offers both treatment of skin diseases and cosmetic procedures like chemical peel services to the residents of Torrance, California. Today, she offers a variety of cosmetic treatment options to help keep her patients’ skin young and healthy.

Chemical Peels Q & A

What is a chemical peel?

A chemical peel is a cosmetic treatment the helps smooth the skin and even out the pigmentation. This procedure is a treatment option for those suffering from acne or dealing pitting scars, as well. The goal is to remove the layers of damaged skin to expose the fresh, new skin underneath. The peel helps stimulate collagen production to improve the health of your skin, too.

What types of chemical peels are available?

The type of peel you get depends on a number of factors. Your reason for needing the peel helps determine the type, for example. You would get one kind of peel if you want to remove dark spots and another to treat active acne. The types break down into categories.

  • Illumination – Improves the pigmentation of the skin
  • Vitalization – Revitalizes skin by removing sun spots and mild acne
  • Rejuvenate – A deeper peel meant for sensitive skin
  • Acne – Designed for those with chronic and severe acne. These products contain medication to minimize large pores and smooth acne-prone skin.

A trained dermatologist can help decide which peel classification best fits your needs.

What to expect from a chemical peel?

Most chemical peel services require more than one treatment. The acne peel, for example, takes up to six treatments. After the peel, your skin may be red and tender – kind of like you have a mild sunburn. The skin may continue to peel for several days after the treatment, as well. For deeper peels, the after effects may include some swelling the clears up in a few days.

The doctor may choose to apply bandages to your face if necessary to help with the healing process. You will need to wear sunscreen regularly after your peel to protect the tender skin. 

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