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As a dermatologist serving the residents of Los Angeles, California, Dr. Simone McKitty understands how your acne affects the way feel about yourself. Her expertise and compassionate nature makes her the ideal choice when you need a caring professional to provide acne treatment services.

Acne Treatment Q & A

What is acne?

Acne is the most common reason people seek help from a dermatologist. It is a skin condition that affects more than 80 percent of the population at some point in their lives. Learning how to manage and prevent it is a critical part of maintaining your skin’s luster.

Put simply, acne occurs when dead skin cells combine with natural skin oil to clog hair follicles. The follicles produce the oil that moisturizes the skin. When they become clogged, the oil builds up, unable to reach the surface. This creates an ideal environment for bacteria. With an infection brewing in the follicle, the inflammation leads to a pimple and acne.

What causes acne to start?

No one knows for sure why some people are prone to acne outbreaks, but factors like diet and hormones are triggers. Sebum, the oil that moisturizes the skin, increases with hormone fluctuations. That is why many teenagers going through the changes of puberty develop pimples. There is some evidence that carbohydrate-rich foods can trigger an attack, as well.

The key culprit, however, is probably genetics. If acne runs in your family, chances are you will have it, too.

What Acne treatment services are available?

Treatment will include a combination of therapeutic approaches. It will start with medication to clear up your skin. The doctor may also use chemical peels to remove pimples and reduce some scarring.

Cutting-edge treatment options include lasers that improve your skin tone and smooth the surface to eliminate potting causes by scars.

The doctor will also school you on skin care to help prevent acne outbreaks. From recommending skin care products to demonstrating the proper washing technique, it all provides a framework to help keep you acne free.

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